13th February 2018

Situational Leadership and The Ethic of care in the workplace

26th September 2017

Work Group Diversity and Work Group Performance – With a Pinch of Salt

This paper summarises the current state of knowledge about how diversity comes into play in affecting work group performance and points out that, contrary to […]
14th June 2017


Gustav Pansegrouw. In the period 1916 to the mid 1970’s’ the terms manager and leader were used interchangeably by both academics in the field of […]
14th June 2017

Latest Trends in Pay Differentials and International Comparisons – Buying Power and Achieving Equity

Pay Differentials   1.          Introduction The differential between typical earnings at executive and worker level in South Africa has become the target of intense media […]
14th June 2017

#FeesMustFall: The New Mandate for Corporate South Africa

South Africa’s public universities are a significant national asset and their current mandate is to empower the next generations with relevant skills and knowledge contributing […]
14th June 2017

Fees must Fall: The Elephant in the Room

The Fees Must Fall movement may be the proverbial Elephant in the Room, deftly masking a more basic human dynamic. I am of course referring […]
14th June 2017

Fees Must Fall: Human Capital challenges for Corporate South Africa.

The historically flawed and currently dysfunctional state subsidised institutions of higher education in South Africa will not be able to produce the quantity and quality […]
8th March 2017


The Management versus Leadership Fallacy. ‘After an innings of 30 odd years the management versus leadership fallacy needs to be dismissed.’ Gustav Pansegrouw – In […]