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Countless South Africans endured a winter of discontent this year. Any reasonable individual cannot help but pity the poor, unemployable and unemployed who wait with visibly mounting frustration for some improvement in their living conditions. At the other end of the social scale, economic conditions have become tougher, business more competitive, labour relations more fractious and, as the inevitable result, business confidence at record lows.

With the advent of Spring, however, we are reminded of the importance of addressing, overcoming and moving on from the problems and challenges that currently complicate our trading environment. Business has a massive role to play in the success of South Africa.

The wastage, incompetence and political machinations seen daily within government need, unfortunately, to be acknowledged and dealt with. But in business, the show has to go on.

In this issue, we highlight two critical current considerations in South Africa and offer some suggestions as to how organisations need to factor the impact of these issues into their business plans. The first article deals with our latest research on the wage gap in South Africa and how South African executives rank internationally; three further articles deal with the extent and impact of the current crisis in tertiary education – and the coping mechanisms companies need to develop.

Inside this issue

  • Pay Differentials and International Comparisons – Latest Research
  • Fees Must Fall - Human Capital Challenges for Corporate South Africa
  • Fees Must Fall – New Mandate for Corporate South Africa
  • Fees Must Fall – The Elephant in the Room
  • Upcoming Events

Pay Differentials and International Comparisons
Latest Research

The differential between typical earnings at executive and worker level in South Africa has become the target of intense media focus and aggressive national debate in recent years. With executive pay in all JSE listed companies now in the public domain it is relatively simple for a wide range of media commentators and other stakeholders to estimate these pay differentials. This has increased visibility and stirred up considerable emotion about what constitutes "fair compensation" for executives and a fair, or reasonable living wage at lower levels.

Fees Must Fall: Human Capital Challenges for Corporate South Africa

The historically flawed and currently dysfunctional state subsidised institutions of higher education in South Africa will not be able to produce the quantity and quality of human capital required by our economy to perform at a sustained acceptable level in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment.

Fees Must Fall: The New Mandate for Corporate South Africa

South Africa's public universities are a significant national asset and their current mandate is to empower the next generations with relevant skills and knowledge contributing significantly to the ability of the economy to compete globally through world class innovation and research. However, the ability of our public universities to achieve this important mandate is diminishing rapidly.
elephant in the room

Fees Must Fall: The Elephant in the Room

The Fees Must Fall movement may be the proverbial Elephant in the Room, deftly masking a more basic human dynamic. I am of course referring to the pernicious and universal campus malaise to which almost all university students are prone, namely academic procrastination with regard to study assignments and preparation for writing examinations.

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