Empowerment policy

P E Corporate Services Empowerment Profile

P E Corporate Services is fully committed to compliance with the principles, terms and conditions of the Employment Equity Act. One area in which the company is currently seeking to improve its ratings is in the proportion of designated groups employed within certain occupational categories. This is currently receiving specific attention in our recruitment initiatives.

27,5 percent of the company’s equity is held by Direng Investment Holdings, a black owned investment company, owned and managed by a talented and well respected group of professionals with P.D.I. status. Direng’s strategy is to invest in, and add value to medium sized portfolio companies with good track records, high calibre staff, and who are leaders in their market sectors. Direng has a strategic partnership agreement with SIHOLD, the investment holding company of the S.A. Democratic Teachers Union. In terms of this agreement profits flowing from Direng’s investment in P E Corporate Services and other companies will be applied to social responsibility needs in the education field. This will include education and skills development, bursary funds, job creation and the development of women in rural areas.

Workforce Composition Facts:

  • 40 percent of PECS’ directors are female; 20 percent have P.D.I. status.
  • 44 percent of the Operating Committee are female; 11 percent have P.D.I. status.
  • 50 percent of the Provident Fund Trustee Board are female; 25 percent have P.D.I. status.
  • 43 percent of professional staff and 70 percent of all staff are female; 28,5% percent of professional staff and 36,6 percent of all staff have P.D.I. status.

In total 30,07 percent of the company’s total equity is black owned.

The company also has a strong sense of social responsibility

Initiatives in this direction include the following:

  • Material assistance to previously disadvantaged employees with, for example, payment of school and university fees and in other ways.
  • Ongoing five year commitments to bursary funds to facilitate the schooling and education of previously disadvantaged children.
  • Carrying out various consulting projects at highly discounted fee rates, at cost or on an ex-gratia basis to assist black-owned organisations in establishing themselves as a market force.