IT Agile breakfast Presentations
IT Agile breakfast Presentations
11th Apr 2019
profitable long term relationships
How to develop profitable long term relationships
16th May 2019

Let’s face it – who wants to work in the stores? It often becomes an area in many organisations where we transfer difficult people who we feel we don’t know how to deal with. In others, it becomes the unofficial union headquarters within the organisation.

Yet, the store is an area that can significantly impact the organisation’s results negatively through poor service levels and recurring stock losses, or positively through higher service levels and effective stock control.

A well-run store and managed store in which the whole organisation has confidence will result in superior customer service. Accurate delivery dates can be set and promises kept.

Your organisation can achieve the latter through providing the staff some training and skills to operate more professionally. As their effectiveness improves, they will not only get more satisfaction in their work, but their status in the company will rise dramatically.

Our “Basic Storekeeping” training will be the best starting point for them. In addition to revising the fundamentals of storekeeping, with a look at how performance is measured and how the store’s function can be improved to become an effective tool to improve the performance of the company as a whole.

Basic Storekeeping Public Training

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