JSE listed companies salary survey

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1st Aug 2018
September in review
PECS Update: September in review
28th Sep 2018

What Listed Companies Pay Executives 

and Non-Executive Directors

Our JSE annual listed companies surveys have just been published

  Our Executive Survey Summarises:

  • Top executive remuneration package data including annual long-term incentive earnings
  • Earnings differences as a function of company size (very large and large cap, intermediate and mid cap, small cap, etc.)
  • Valuable insights on executive pay mix

Our Survey of Non-Executive Remuneration Highlights:

  • Fees paid to non-executives in variously sized listed companies
  • How fees vary according to role and responsibility (chair versus member, board versus sub-committee, etc.)
  • Meeting durations and frequencies


PECS wish you a wonderful festive season and prosperous 2019.
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