Performance And Reward – Principles & Best Practice


The Shareholders Compact

How the origins of capitalism parallels with optimal organizational development of today’s limited liability companies and how the financial pie should be shared.

Pay and Strategy Aligned

How strategic planning impacts remuneration policies every year – and the internal approval and upgraded corporate governance controls required.

Package Structuring Strategy

Implementing and managing the corporate governance process including market-positioning of guaranteed pay and determining variable pay awards, illustrated by research statistics.

Reward Strategies that Attract and Retain Talent

Formulating flexible remuneration policies that will attract and retain talented skilled employee and top management leadership talent, as well as facilitating succession planning.

Funding Short-Term Incentive Pay

Profit-sharing drives performance but new checks and balances may be needed where complex remuneration packages have been negotiated.  The overall ratio of variable pay to earnings before taxation and bonuses needs to be disclosed.

The Short-Term Incentive Framework

Developing corporate and individual scorecards highlighting the key performance areas to be monitored and controlled – as well as overseen by the Remuneration Committee.

Funding Long-Term Incentives

A long-term incentive is conventionally introduced as an opportunity, not as a reward.  We explain how this can be done systematically based on the present value of the grants.

Alternative Forms of Long-Term Incentives

Different long-term incentive plans are reviewed – from share-based to deferred bonus funded forms – setting out advantages and disadvantages of each.

Disclosure of Remuneration Policy

Remuneration policy must now be disclosed, clearly and concisely, in depth, annually in advance in a separate section of the annual Remuneration Report.

Disclosure of Remuneration Outcomes

Implementation and current year actual outcomes of remuneration policies as explained in the previous year must be set out in a separate section of the Remuneration Report.  Detail must include strategic objective achievement reports and statistics justifying senior executive variable pay.

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