Organisational Policies, Practices and Performance

Our primary goal is to enhance both individual and organisational performance within the more than 5000 organisations we are privileged to count as our clients. To do so we employ only the brightest and best professionals and offer services of consistently excellent quality. Our approach to problems and opportunities is pragmatic, balancing leading edge technology with mature judgement.

Our Core service areas:

  • Human resource strategy, policy and practice
  • Performance Management and productivity improvement
  • Organisation design, job structuring and manpower planning
  • Strategy, change management and organisation development
  • All aspects of reward management

Consulting Philosophy

Our management consultants are experienced, versatile professionals. Thus, while we provide objective advice, we also offer creative, often unique solutions to problems and opportunities. Our proven track record is based on an ability to exploit client-consultant synergy, while focusing rigorously on relevant business issues.

Client Orientation

We emphasise our client orientation by:

  • Paying close attention to the client’s perceived needs, readiness for consulting assistance, sensitivities and special requirements
  • Submitting detailed terms of reference, which justify the client’s expectations with regard to the outcomes to be achieved, the procedures to be used and the nature of the client-consultant relationship
  • A searching diagnosis of the situation prior to the development of recommendations and solutions
  • Consistent involvement of the client in the assessment
  • Regular, formal assignment progress meetings with the client
  • Maintaining flexibility and a willingness to adjust assignment content and process to emerging client needs and changes in priorities
  • Treating each client enquiry on its merits

Our goal is a client-consultant relationship, which will satisfy the client’s needs within the constraints of our professional standards.

Consultant Professionalism

Our consultants adhere to a strict code of professionalism built on:

  • A range of appropriate skills, qualities and formally recognised qualifications acquired through extensive training, education and supervised experience.
  • Providing services, grounded in technical knowledge, which in turn is recorded and substantiated in an appropriate body of literature.
  • A code of ethics and practice standards governing both the delivery of services to clients and a willingness to give clients all the facts, findings or opinions revealed as a result of their work on an assignment including those which the client might not have expected or wanted

Accordingly we practice our professionalism to the benefit of our clients and the management consulting profession.

Business Focus

Our consultants approach business problems flexibly drawing on considerable personal and corporate business experience. Any assignment might involve:

  • A single consultant or consultant team
  • Diagnostic or process consulting work
  • Generalist or specialist skill
  • Customised or packaged expertise

An optimal approach invariably depends on the particular business to be addressed.


Organisation Development has come to mean many things to many people. Organisational Development consultants in South Africa and abroad are not in agreement as to what activities, interventions and techniques the field entails, or should entail. To assist you in deciding whether you should partner with PECS to explore your need for Organisation Development services, we have summarised our approach below.

Our Organisation Development consulting services are based on five key characteristics, namely:

  • The application of the behavioural sciences to improve sustainable organisational performance and well-being of its members. This means using what we know about human perception, motivation, emotion and cognition to develop patterns of organisational behaviour and interaction that will bring about the accomplishment of the organisational mission in a way that will also ensure the continued growth and development of the human side of the enterprise. We acknowledge the contribution of CPI, BPR, TQM, HRM, PMS and the various functional management systems to organisational effectiveness, but we do not regard them as Organisational Development interventions.
  • The use of ‘real time – real issues’ Organisation Development interventions that deal directly with concerns regarding organisational dynamics, team effectiveness and individual performance. We do not utilise indirect, remote or ‘wave’ techniques such as generalised or outdoor teambuilding, motivational speaker events and large group training/educational events.
  • An objective and independent situational diagnosis as a precursor to action planning and the implementation of Organisation Development techniques. We do not apply standard, ‘one size fits all’ Organisation Development solutions and we do not subscribe to the notion of client self-diagnosis. We do not act as a ‘pair of hands’ for management to implement pre-determined initiatives and action plans without having had some input into the diagnosis and planning phases of the change.
  • A collaborative client-consultant relationship in which both parties accept and own joint responsibility for the Organisation Development intervention based on a clear understanding of their respective roles. We do not take on the role of surrogate managers.
  • A commitment to facilitate behavioural changes that will stick – this usually requires more than an ‘in and out’ involvement with clients. We do not do overnight magic.

We offer the following bespoke Organisation Development services:

  • Role clarification and in-role performance enhancement of individual staff members, be they supervisors/team leaders, managers or technical experts
  • Group counselling sessions for staff members with common performance concerns e.g. communication, inter-personal interaction, time management, procrastination, conflict avoidance, self-regulation, aggressive behaviour, rigidity, indecision, etc
  • Structured teambuilding at all levels, and in all functions, of the organisation.
  • Facilitating group/team decision making on key issues.
  • Third-party peace making conflict resolution at inter-personal and inter-group (inter-team/inter-functional/inter-divisional) levels.
  • Workplace values clarification and the alignment of organisational behaviour with the value system (enacted of espoused values)
  • Organisational diagnosis including organisational climate surveys, employee attitude surveys and stakeholder audits.
  • Vision and mission development at organisational, functional and business unit levels.
  • Organisational design and structuring to facilitate strategy implementation and human performance enhancement
  • Managing organisational politics – and utilising power as an organisational resource.

Perception Studies/Employee Opinion Survey

Perception studies are invaluable tools for executives who appreciate how important it is to know what their employees are really thinking. The information obtained from an Employee Opinion Survey can give management knowledge that directly impacts the bottom line and fosters positive employee relations in many ways.

Version available – Hard Copy
Published as per client request

Management Consulting Services

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