Maintenance Management (3 Day)

Presented by P E Corporate Services in association with Harold Robinson

Effective management of the maintenance function is a key to better plant performance and greater profitability. This course covers latest trends, techniques and strategies to improve and maintain the performance of your maintenance workforce.

The job of the maintenance manager is becoming more and more pressurised as competition increases and he or she is loaded with more responsibility for equipment performance, safety and environmental issues. Add to that the need to reduce the cost of maintenance, and it seems to be an impossible task. But there are maintenance managers who seem to be getting it right.

What do they do differently? They ensure that they have a full understanding of equipment capabilities, how equipment fails and how failure can be managed. With this knowledge, they work with their workforce to implement the right policies, systems and tasks for effective plant maintenance and continuous improvement.

This practical training course will equip maintenance managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage the original acquisition, the operation and maintenance and disposal of the company’s assets.

The training course will give an overview of all the performance areas in asset and maintenance management, the challenges facing maintenance managers and techniques and trends being adopted by World Class companies.


  • 25 - 27 March 2019
  • 16 - 18 Sept 2019

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