P E Corporate Services enjoys a reputation as one of the country’s leaders in providing well researched remuneration advice and solutions to the remuneration challenges faced by South African organisations.

Our comprehensive range of Remuneration Advisory Services has been tailored to balance best practice with the unique needs and characteristics of the local labour market. Our professional team enjoys a collective 350 years experience in the remuneration field – an area in which P E Corporate Services has specialised since the early 1980’s.

Core services include:

  • Remuneration benchmarking studies and compensation strategy at all levels.
  • Design, development and implementation of short and long term incentive schemes,
  • Specialised remuneration studies such as international pay comparisons, assistance with pay negotiations, retention strategy, performance management and career pathing.
  • Board level advice to listed, privately held and state owned entities on governance issues, preparation of annual reports.
  • Pay equity support services
  • Job design, grading and salary structuring, grading committee training, etc.

Job Evaluation/Grading

PE Paterson Plus – On-line Job Grading

The Equal Pay for Equal Work initiative is gathering momentum in South Africa, elevating the need for a sound and defensible approach to pay-line determination. PECS offers state of the art on-line technology in this area:

Our PE Paterson Plus™ on-line grading system is a convenient, user-friendly and objective approach to job evaluation, producing defensible results based on the most widely used approach to job evaluation in South Africa.


  • Designed to evaluate blended roles in matrix structures
  • Provides a foundation for career management programmes
  • Caters for both managerial and professional / technical career paths
  • Serves as a platform for pay and benefits management

Willis Towers Watson Global Grading System (GGS)

The Willis Towers Watson Global Grading System is a robust approach to grading which takes into account factors such as organisational size and complexity, geography and seven core skills applicable to managerial and professional roles. Its has a wide global application, particularly within multi-nationals. The system is supported by web-based software with multi-site, multi-user, password protected access.

The GGS system is quick, easy to use and adaptable to the changing needs of an organisation's dynamic environment. In summary, the system:

  • Is designed to evaluate the widest variety of job roles – including, for example, blended roles of matrix structures
  • serves as a platform for pay and benefits management
  • caters for both managerial and professional/technical career paths
  • provides the foundation for career management programmes

GGS offers an alternative to traditional, cumbersome job evaluation systems through a methodology that is quick, easy to use and adaptable to the changing needs of an organisation’s dynamic environment. Supported by web-based software it provides multi-site, multi-user access to a secure, password protected, individual client base. It is a simple, user friendly tool for levelling jobs across functions, business units and countries. A mix of typical job evaluation and ranking approaches allow companies to determine a job’s size without the need for time consuming job evaluation sessions or highly specialised personnel. GGS is used by a growing list of leading organisations.

Remuneration Advisory Services

Remuneration Governance & Compliance

Remuneration Governance and Compliance

Remuneration policy and practice has been subject to greater change than any other area of h.r. policy in recent years. Listed companies are now compelled to report publicly on compliance with governance imperatives in King IV, the Companies Act and related legislation.

Our board level services include specialist advice on:

  • Remuneration policy compliance with governance codes and best practice.
  • Preparing Remuneration Policy and Implementation report sections of the Annual Report.
  • Innovations in sharing the economic pie.
  • Practical steps in reducing and reporting pay ratios and wage gaps.
  • The union role and addressing the equal pay for equal work dictum.

Three cutting edge publications are also available providing current market and best practice commentary in the above areas.

    • ‘Pay  Scale Research’ – a publication providing topical perspectives on economic sharing, profit sharing governance, dealing with pay ratios and income gaps, optimising employment costs and gainsharing, share participation and community involvement.  Read more
    • ‘Performance and Reward’ – 10 key ‘best practice’ issues that should underpin remuneration policy – aligning pay and strategy, rewarding to attract and retain key talent, designing and funding alternative forms of incentives, and what and how to disclose on remuneration policy in annual reports.  Read more
    • ‘Integrated Financial Planning Models’– 5 template models that may be used to value non-traded assets and design share participation and incentive schemes. Read more

The papers are practical guidelines providing a global perspective on financial ‘win-win’ principles that should drive every variable pay policy.

Governance Publications Enquiry

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